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Catherine Nash is the founding consultant of All About Writers.


Catherine began her teaching career in London and then Italy, before landing in New York as a founding teacher with a public charter school in Brooklyn. Here she taught marginalised children as part of a school reform movement, successfully closing the achievement gap between children in the poorest and richest parts of the state. From the classroom, Catherine moved into a network-wide role supporting teachers in the area of writing, which involved everything from curriculum research and implementation, to new staff training for 100+ teachers each year. Catherine worked within schools to model, mentor and coach teachers, and created curriculum support materials that were used across the network. She also benefitted from being close to the Teachers College at Columbia University, developing her own expertise and skills through the Reading and Writing Project, the home of the writing workshop model of teaching.


Since returning to Australia, Catherine has dedicated her time to family, volunteering with the Sydney Story Factory in Redfern, heading back to university to continue her own professional learning...and establishing All About Writers.


She also, of course, spends time each day reading and writing.

Craig, 2017

Mission Control, Sydney Story Factory

Catherine Nash, one of the star volunteers at the Sydney Story Factory, has run almost 25 professional development sessions for our volunteer base over the past four years, tackling topics as diverse as the fundamentals of writing to engaging disengaged students. Her workshops are always very well attended and received, with many volunteers signing up multiple times. As a workshop leader she is well organised, professional, incredibly friendly, has a great sense of humour and above all provides the perfect information in a fun and interactive way that is remembered. We can't recommend her services highly enough.

Tim, 2017

Assistant Principal

...I credit this opportunity (to present at a systemic level about effective writing pedagogy) to the time you spent to develop my skills, knowledge and new found passion for writing.

Ernie, 2018

Assistant Principal

Well you certainly received some positive feedback from the staff! It must be pleasing to see the growth in the staff and enjoy such success when delivering the writing program. You made what I thought was going to be difficult look easy.


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