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Beauty in Boxes: Revised

This is a revision exercise for me, something I can use with students. I'm going to focus on main ideas. What are the big points I want to make and what can be removed? Are my ideas in the order that bests create the right mood?

A weariness almost overcomes me at the sight of them.

From a mountain, to a series of small hills, to a the remaining few outcrops.

Progress is slow, but there is progress.

Sigh. So many boxes.

The initial openings were filled with exclamation and joy -

All that we have been missing in the few months interim

Between packing and unpacking.

Finding new places for the familiar things,

For the longed for and remembered things.

In all this new space that is ours.

The joy and opportunities they bring once empty

For those who play and don't unpack.

I am wearied inside as I hand over scissors and markers,

Happy for them in their business of play

But knowing the work that will come afterwards

When a time-machine is found way out back,

Complete with decomposing food supplies so vital for time travel

Crumbling side by side.

Such interesting exploration for our cat companions

With endless opportunities for sniffing and rubbing.

Finding a just-right fit for a kip in the sun.

Luxuriating in the beautiful simplicity of a box.

I guess that box will have to wait too.

The contents in those boxes that remain are homeless.

The once in a while items that need the house to be more lived in

Before they can be housed.

It is time for these to move in also,

And their boxes join the growing pile of empties.

The unpacked, re-loved, and dismantled ever-growing mountain,

Reminding me there's less to do than has been done.

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