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Slice of Life Tuesdays are here!

It's time. As a teacher of teachers of writing (take a minute) it's time to practice what I preach. I won't pretend it doesn't scare the description out of me, but standing firm in my belief that feedback is a gift and that writers need we go. Every Tuesday I will post my writing to this blog, and share it with the community of writing teachers at Why don't you join me?

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I'm going to miss this. "I'm just going to do my writing", I announce right after dinner, leaving the rest of the pack to tidy and stack, then prep for bed. It buys me just a slice of time. We may be

A Silver Lining

I'm reading a book that was recommended by a friend. "I couldn't pick up another book for three months", she warned. I ordered it right away. When I mentioned the book to another friend, she said read


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