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I was on the phone with my husband as I walked through the school on a mission today, when all of a sudden I was overwhelmed...

"Hold on a second!", I managed to screech, as I was consumed for a moment by the small people before me.

"Miss Nash, did you see my new glasses?" Ugh, I love them. I wish mine were like yours!

"Miss Nash, I wrote 134 pages!" (Thomas) 134?!? You've gotta be kitten me right meow!

"Ms Nash, I been writing lots in the notebook you gave me!" So awesome, I knew you would!

"Did you know I lost a tooth? Is it gone? You know I can't stand loose ones!

"I saw you in the playground yesterday!" Super cool, I remember.

"Ms Nash, did you hear Thomas wrote 197 pages?" I can't even count that high!

"Miss Nash, we did writing today two times!" Still not enough!

"What are you doing here, Ms Nash?" Hanging out, checking in, you know...

"Miss Nash, are you going to teach us writing?" Not today. It's your turn to teach me!

"Where are you going?" I got a class to teach. How about you?

"Hi Miss Nash!"

"I got a bunny rabbit, did you know?" Wow.

"Ms Nash, can you come and see me on the monkey bars tomorrow?" Maybe, I'll try!

"I went to the movies on the weekend!" Whoa. Good times!

They came at me from all angles, a sea of sweet, smiling faces looking up at me as I tried to wade through to their teacher. My heart swelled. My husband had to wait. This is all that I love about being a teacher, everything that brings me back day after day. And these are not even my kids this year, they're the now-year-ones who I had for some of the week over some of the year in kindy.

As I bring the phone back to my ear, my husband is quiet. I apologise and we get onto talking through the business of who is going to stay home tomorrow with our coughing boy. He says, "Don't worry, I'll get it covered. You need to be in school as long as you can."

With that, we disconnect the call and I head back to my classroom. Once again, I have to dodge hugs and remind kids about the new reality of no contact, my heart bubbling over as I wade into the room, surrounded by the talk and questions of my year three class.

Oh. How I will miss seeing them.

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