​All About Writers is an education consultancy in Canberra dedicated to writing classes being All About Writers. We come to you and work with a teacher, a grade level or across the school to raise the quality of student writing, the knowledge of your writers, and the insight and skills of your writing teachers. Writing lessons become a writing workshop, where a community of writers develop skills and strategies that are useful every time they write. 

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Assigning Writing

  • Giving the writing topic

  • Asking students to sit and write 'cold'

  • First drafts are published pieces

  • Grading what has not been explicitly taught

  • Covering a final draft in red pen

  • Reading finished pieces and offering comments

Teaching Writing

  • Assigning the genre for a piece

  • Giving thorough revisions for a piece

  • Giving feedback in the first draft

  • Grading specific skills that have been taught for a piece

  • Conferring about the topic of writing

  • Finding genre-specific mentor texts for a specific piece

  • Provide specific points for revision or editing

Teaching Writers

  • Helping students find a genre or form that fits their idea

  • Helping students make long-term writing plans

  • Conferring about growth from piece to piece

  • Encouraging students to revisit old pieces with new learning and perspective

  • Incorporate mentor texts that transcend genre and demonstrate the skills of writers

  • Incorporate self-reflection into writing assessment

  • Assessing skills you have taught across all units

  • Helping students keep a portfolio of writing pieces

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