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How can we help?

Although we are firmly planted in primary education, we work with writers in many contexts, and with students from diverse backgrounds and with a wide range of learning needs.


Let us come to you, ready to work in whichever way fits your school and best supports your teachers and students. We can overhaul your writing program or focus on specific aspects, whatever you need. 

It could be model lessons and observations are most helpful, or working to develop writing leads within your school. Maybe an instructional coach or critical friend? The sky is the limit.

Professional Learning Courses

All About Writers offers a number of professional development courses to build the knowledge of teachers and allow them to experience this pedagogy firsthand. 


All courses are TQI approved for 2023. 

Courses available for 2023 are as follows:

All About Writing, K_6 (5 hours)

Looking for an overview? This program dips into each of the aspects of pedagogy, including the workshop model, the qualities of great writing, the writing process, and conferencing. 

All About the Writers' Workshop (3 hours)

Come along to a writers' workshop lesson, exploring ways to create a community of writers in your classroom context 

All About the Writing Process (3 hours)

Writing is a process. Learn about this process, the skills inherent to it, and how to teach the process as a fellow writer within a class.

All About Writers' Craft (3 hours)

The qualities of great writing start with great ideas and filter down to presentation. Unpack these qualities using mentor texts and writing samples, and look at writing with the eyes of a writer.

All About Writing Conferences (3 hours)

A conference is a conversation between two writers with a predictable structure and routine. Observe, practice and head back to class fully equipped to conference.

Write from the Start! (2 hours)

This approach of teaching writing is absolutely doable in the early years classroom, alongside the secretarial aspects that are so important. Consider what you and your students need to do to start out in the best possible way.

We are Writers! (2 hours)

Build strong relationships within a community of writers who have voice and choice in their writing. Dive into the tools and strategies to unlock the writer in every student.

Of course, we can tailor make any course according to the needs of your school. Just let us know what you need.

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