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There was enormous lead-up in our house to a recent event, an event that was everything we had hoped and more, an event that brought us such joy. But I am sorry to say that joy is beginning to erode as I continue to battle the dreaded earworm that has stalked me since.

The second grade class presented a WONDERFUL school assembly. It was filled with very positive messages - valuing individuality and diversity, and looking at the things that make each of us special. They presented diversity in schools from around the world. They presented diversity using the beautiful picture book, "Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley", by Aaron Blabey. They presented the challenging work they have been doing in class to gasps and sighs from impressed peers and parents. And they sang. They sang a great song, actions and all,

so thoroughly rehearsed and performed with confidence and charm. What is there not to like about that?

Nothing. I've seen my share of assemblies in my time, and I can honestly say this was up there in the top five. It's the aftermath that I'm struggling with. For the past three days, any time my mind is left to wander, whenever there is a moment's silence, that song is back. Like, for example, when I'm sitting to write for the SOL challenge and coming up blank for ideas. What's worse is I don't really know the words, so I kind of 'la la' through it, or expend mental energy trying to get the words right.

I know it will pass, though, as earworms eventually do. Let's just hope that happens now, seeing as the usefulness of being something to write about has been realised. what to write about tomorrow? Guess I should try and think about that for a minute...Oh! Gonna keep my head up high - HIGH - la la la touch the sky - SKY. La la la, I'll keep getting stronger. What I am is thoughtful, what I am is....

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