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A slice...and shout out

If I were to list the things that bring me joy, having my photo taken would not be on it. In general, I'm not great at photos. But the time had come to get some professional headshots taken. A stylist friend recommended a place where they try to make something that can be so boring a little less...mundane. Following an afternoon of ironing and selfie-taking, I had my outfit/s chosen and toddled out on my too-high-for-school heels to face the enemy...I mean go to the studio.

I reached out to ring the bell and waited, shifting my weight from one foot to the other. Wow, my mouth felt so dry all of a sudden. I roughed up my hair with the hand not holding the back-up shirt. (And back-up back-up shirt.) I smoothed my hair down again. A few deep breaths, my eyes darting around and taking in the streetscape. Down the stairs came a warm, smiling face to open the door and welcome me in. The small talk flowed freely, and the photographer's balance of easygoing and professional was something to be admired. Instead of turning to run away, I walked upstairs with her, exclaiming the joy of a Friday before a long weekend, how my daughter was just home from camp, how I managed to put off the champagne celebration of International Women's Day until after the tempting as it was to get in early. But once upstairs, we were straight down to business.

Business was FUNNY. There was a lot of talk, interspersed with tips on taking a good photo, all drowned out in extended bouts of laughter. I'm a nervous laugher - always have been - my high school principal can attest to that. The session was short, sharp and dare I say it, actually enjoyable.

So, in a spur of the moment twist (and knowing this post should be split in two...or re-organised at a minimum), I'm going to wrap up today with a shout out to the many brilliant women who have touched my day:

- my wonderful 82-year-old mother who made me a cuppa and talked through the days next week she will take our kids while we work;

- my patient, kind and supportive friends who commented on the multiple photos I sent of the outfit choices for the photos, down to the earrings;

- my funny, smiling pal who met me on her way to have radiation with her newly growing hair on display, still seeking time to talk through what's going on with our boys;

- the beautiful teacher who bear-hugged my oh-so-shy and lovely daughter upon getting off the bus from camp;

- the photographer who was so good at her job, so nice to spend time with, and offers women a discount to reflect the disparity in pay between men and women.

I am so grateful for the nudge of having a day to celebrate women for prodding me to recognise the wonderful women I have encountered today.

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