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Lucky day!

-I'll take a wholemeal loaf, sliced thin.

My eyes scan the brightly lit cabinets of bready goodness. If only I had my list. Shopping without a list was so high-stakes, I just knew I'd end up with things I didn't need and without something essential for dinner. The constant struggle to remember what's needed...and missing out on that wonderful feeling of ticking items off the list. It adds a new mental load to the experience that I don't enjoy.

As I scan back and forth, deep in thought, something on the ground catches my eye. I shoot a look in the immediate area to see if anyone else has seen it, at the same time moving to where it sits in front of the counter. I'm desperate to reach out for it, while at the same time nervous to do so. Maybe the owner is nearby? I don't want to grab what isn't mine, but something inside me just wants to scoop it up before anyone else. Just seconds after seeing it, I hold it up to the counter.

-I just found a hundred bucks.

I hold the green note up to the counter. It's new, crisp and shining in the shop lights.

-It's your lucky day, he replies, a wide smile on his face.

-But it's a hundred bucks...maybe I should leave it with you in case the owner comes back...?

-You could, but considering it's in the middle of a shopping mall...I think then it would just become someone else's lucky day.

As he bagged the bread, I stood there, the note still pinched in my fingers in front of the counter. I so wanted to put it into my pocket, but I just couldn't.

-Maybe I can take it to centre management, or the concierge. If I leave my number, maybe they'll call me if no one asks for it?

-Sure, you could do that. Then it would be their lucky day.

I knew he was right. And deep down, I was so happy to have someone tell me it was OK to claim my find. I slipped it in my pocket - putting it in my wallet didn't seem right. As I went to the next shop and finished my shopping (as best I list!), I checked on the note every so often, making sure it didn't slip out.

I mean, last thing I'd want to do is lose a hundred dollars.

P.S: After getting home and discussing with our children, it was decided we should give the money away. Easy come, easy go, I guess.

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