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Rainbows and Love

Hmmm. I'm just not too sure. I love the dress, obviously, also the accessories. Maybe it's the lipstick that just tips it over-the-top? As I um and ah over options, my husband very diplomatically reminds me of the time, patiently responds again, "it's great, just go for it." I take a deep breath, blot the iridescent orange lippy one last time, grab the present and we head out the door.

I'm nervous as we walk to the venue. It feels like people catch sight of me from a distance and exclaim their surprise out loud...though I can't hear from this far possibly not. It's early afternoon, so most people are still getting around in board shorts and swimmers, and here I am in full party get-up. Way fuller than my normal comfort level. Filling my lungs to capacity once more and blowing out the exhale, I cling to my husband's arm as we open the gate. He reminds me one last time that I love this dress. And if I was ever going to wear it, this was the party.

We walk in, and the guest of honour sees us right away. She takes in the screaming-out-loud lips, and the earrings dangling like little suns, so brightly yellow they glow. Then the dress. I am covered from neck to knee in rainbow stripes, each colour competing with the next to win the brightest on show. The stripes look like they were made by a small child with a thick paint-brush who came across a beige dress and a palate of the most vivacious colours, then just went to town. Some colours are thicker, some wonky, but all make very loud statements. It's the sort of dress that just calls to be touched, not in a floaty fabric kind of way, but more like you have the desire to touch a mirage, just to check if it's real. My friend comes towards me and envelops me in her signature long hug. Her smile is wide as she thanks me for the present, for being there, for the colour.

Her party was indeed an event full of joy. Not surprising, considering the bright, vivacious person she is. She has held onto a wonderful sense of child-like delight into now middle-age, and her ceaseless positivity and ability to see the good in people and situations just draws people to her. Kinda like a rainbow. It was also an event of love. You see, it turned out we got to celebrate not only her birthday, but also their wedding. Thankfully (and needless to say), my dress was not the topic of conversation. I have to admit, though, those colours were a perfect match to the big night. What better occasion, and which better people, to celebrate in a full colour, over-the-top rainbow spectacular way.

I wonder if there'll ever be another occasion that's worthy.

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