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Singing in the rain.

What was meant to be a very civilised gig among the vines of the Hunter Valley is shaping up to be...muddy. As I'm getting ready, one thing after another is dawning on me about going to an outdoor concert in the rain. From the small details, such as no need to style my hair or apply mascara, to the very obvious fashion choice of gumboots and poncho. I mean, what are we going to sit on? The picnic rug we brought along will only get saturated. We've got some low chairs...but do we sit them in the wet grass? And how does the picnic food work in this scenario? All of those beautiful images of dancing in bare feet on the grass, basking in the early Autumn sunshine until the sun sets in a splash of pink behind the hills, taking in the sights of the venue, glass of wine in hand...are getting...muddied.

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