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The Right Time.

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

I remember a friend saying to me once, "Maybe if we just face the fact that what used to be 'normal' is now 'crazy', life will be more manageable?". It was an apt observation, considering we were sitting with new babies needing feeding or changing or one of many other things, while toddlers raced around us like a pair of insane pigeons, swooping on food (anyone's would do) and flapping about the place in everyone's way. All that was old and didn't take a thought was now new and challenging, like getting out the door, for example. Maybe starting from a 'crazy' mindset would make it all easier? I guess it's a way to manage expectations.

I'm now in the thick of re-launching my business in yet another new city, which brings with it all kinds of challenges and rewards. Our original pigeon-toddler is now eleven, with the baby chicks falling in behind at two-year intervals. After moving to a new city, settling the kids into a new school, buying a house, working out how we live in it...and all the other stuff...we have kinda found a new normal again. Yes, very different from the pre-children normal, and thankfully moved on from the crazy-normal of small children. I tell people all the time that so far as parenting is concerned, we are in the honeymoon phase right now. Our kids love us and each other, and we all want to spend time together. They're generally cooperative and nice to be around. Furthermore, they are pretty independent: no more putting on seatbelts or wiping bums, two of my least favourite things in the world. Even getting them dressed is not our responsibility any more. With a deep breath in and out, I can sit and smile at this point in time...for now, anyways.

But I know it won't last. These children will soon become teenagers, and a whole new phase of parenting will begin. I'm busy with work, growing and reflecting on my practice in new settings with different challenges, but not enjoying the constant juggle that is our new reality. And now I see it is less than a week to the SOL writing challenge, which excites and overwhelmed me in equal parts. I mean, really? So soon??

But I guess the SOL challenge is a bit like having kids, or starting a business...or not like this things at all, actually. But thinking about it in terms of there being a right time, will there ever be? Reflecting now, at the end of the day and despite getting home at 7:30pm from work, I still managed to read with my kids before bed and get some joy from writing. There's some goodness, right there!

So bring it on. Writing every day? Totally do-able. Teenagers? Mmmm...maybe there's still some working up to that one, but at least I have a few years (I hope!) to get into the right mindset.

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